Sydney Business Park is dedicated to ensuring that the project delivers a positive environmental legacy. The project team have employed industry leading environmental sustainability practices including rain water harvesting, water-sensitive urban design, solar farms, waste management and waste minimisation.

Sydney Business Park is proud that companies located throughout the estate have implemented strong environmental sustainability initiatives including photo-voltaic solar electricity, converting sunlight into usable energy, metering to be fed back to a master computer system onsite which permits the end user to review and monitor the energy consumption, intelligent energy efficient LED, skylights to substitute for lighting when sufficient daylight is detected, double glazed performance glazing combined with zero ozone depleting substance insulated wall panels, stormwater filters to remove fine solids, soluble heavy metals, oil, and total nutrients, using a variety of sustainable media within the filter cartridges, harvested rainwater for flushing of toilets and with water efficient fixtures, and low volatile organic compounds will be used for internally applied paints.